Hot wire foam cutter A200G

  • Área de trabajo (mm) A200G

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  • New "2020" series with a beautiful totally new design.

  • Industrial PC with touch screen and integrated Windows 10.

  • Unique independent axis control function.

  • Multiple 3D options: rotary tables, lathe, form tool.

  • Quality and CE guarantee.

  • Backed by over 25 years of manufacturing experience.

Technical characteristics

Total measurements (mm) According to the chosen variant
Software iXshaper
Total power (kW) 1
Accuracy (mm) ±0,001
Weight (kg) According to the chosen variant
Precision (mm) ±0,001
Machine lubrication system Not required
Resolution (mm) ±0,001
Protection systems According to the chosen variant
Control system Numerical control console
Noise level (dBA) According to the chosen variant
Axis movement Interpolation of all its axes
Supply voltage 1~ 230 Vac - 50/60 Hz - ±5%
Supported formats plt, dxf, EPS/AI, RAW 3D, stl, HPGL
Operating temperature (ºC) -5 - 45
Supported materials EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)
Relative air humidity (%) 0 - 85
Work features Engraved, Profiled, Planned, 3D, Drilled
Pneumatic feeding According to the chosen variant
Maximum speed (m / min) 5
Material loading zone On all four sides
Wire diameter (mm) 0,25 – 0,6
Structure Anodized aluminum
Y axis height (mm) Y1220
XY Engines Stepper motors
Wire tension Spring, electric, pneumatic
XY Reducers Direct streaming
Number of wires 1
XY transmission Synchronous strap
Hot wire temperature (ºC) 0 - 800
XY guidance system High precision square linear guides and ball recycling, self-lubricating, watertight and without play
Wire length (mm) Width Z
Interfaces USB
Design software Not included
Operating system Windows