Pallet Dryer

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Pallet drying chamber or simply pallet dryer is an equipment designed for the heat treatment of pallets. It is a closed space, of different materials, in which a high temperature is achieved by means of fuel.

According to the chosen variant the drying chamber can have a capacity from 4 stacks to 500 stacks of pallets, taking as reference stacks of 20 pallets of 1.2x1.2 m and height of 20 pallets. Because each client has their own space, the equipment is manufactured practically custom-made, so the number of pallets can be varied for each cycle, dimensions of the enclosure, access doors, etc.

The drying chamber includes:

  • An electronic system that facilitates the certification and traceability of batches.

  • A heating system sized to speed up the treatment time.

  • A ventilation system that guarantees a uniform air flow.

Designed to comply with the NIMF 15 standard

The NIMF 15 standard imposes the sterilization of pallets and packaging. For compulsory heat treatment of wood are used drying chambers.
These chambers are equipment designed prepared to comply with standard:

  • Get 56 degrees for 30 minutes in the center of the thickest board.

  • Record the duty cycle and save it in diferent formats.

For some types of work, it is necessary to treat the material at a high temperature in order to reduce the possible presence of unwanted microorganisms.