Arch and base hot-wire foam cutting A211A

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    The A211A table and arch thermocutter is a cutting tool for making all kinds of moldings and symmetrical geometries by revolution, such as vases, columns, arches, balustrades, spheres and in general all kinds of architectural and decorative structures. Also functional parts for use in various industries. It is a manually controlled machine, so it does not require a program or computer for its management and control, so that we can obtain professional results with minimal investment. Intended for the most diverse industries that use materials such as expanded or extruded polystyrene (EPS and XPS), it makes this thermocutter a flexible production accessory suitable for architecture workshops, decoration, sculptors, theming companies, packaging etc. The machine can be manufactured in a personalized way so that we can have a machine practically à la carte and according to our budget. It is made of aluminum profiles, treated with anodizing. It has good structural rigidity and as it is manufactured without welding, the machine is highly resistant and without stresses produced by welding. The elements and auxiliary parts have been manufactured with aeronautical aluminum. All components have been designed and manufactured using the latest technical technologies such as CAD, CAM, CAE type software and by our highly qualified personnel in machinery design. Quality controls are applied to ensure the highest product quality. Regarding the operation, the user of the machine must prepare the appropriate EPS or XPS block to obtain the desired geometry. The thread must also be shaped with the silhouette of the design that you want to obtain. Subsequently, if it is a figure to be machined by revolution, that is, using the arc, the plug must be placed in a vertical position on the rotary table and on the central axis of rotation. When turning on the machine, the thread takes the preselected temperature. We will introduce the cutting arc inside the piece and the turning system will start automatically, thus obtaining the desired figure. The rotation of the base starts automatically when you insert the cutting wire into the block.

    It stops automatically when the thread is pulled out of the block. If otherwise we want to make a molding, we must introduce the block on the table and between the drive rollers. They will take the piece while cutting it, obtaining the male and female piece simultaneously.


    • Low maintenance

    • High production

    • Quality and CE guarantee

    • Extreme ease of operation

    • Two cutting modes: base and cover cut. Bow cut

    • Structure made of aluminum profiles

    Technical characteristics

    Material loading zone Front, side and back
    Wire tension Manual
    Weight (kg) 260
    Wire diameter (mm) 2,2
    Total power (kW) 3,6
    Wire length (mm) 1500
    Total measurements (mm) 990x1700x940
    Hot wire temperature (ºC) 0 - 800
    Supply voltage 1~ 230 Vac - 50/60 Hz - ±5%
    Base / Cap Cut Mode
    Noise level (dBA) <70
    Maximum cut diameter 1100 mm (D)
    Machine lubrication system Not required
    Maximum cutting height 750 mm (H)
    Protection systems According to regulations
    Arc cut mode
    Operating temperature (ºC) -5 - 45
    Maximum cutting width 540 mm (W)
    Relative air humidity (%) 0 - 85
    Maximum cutting height 250 mm (H)
    Pneumatic feeding Not required
    Maximum cut length unlimited
    Structure Anodized aluminum
    Minimum internal cut radius 130 mm
    Supported materials EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), XPS (Extruded Polystyrene)
    Minimum external cut radius 250 mm
    Number of threads 1


    • Wire break detection

    • Automatic start

    • Adjustable temperature and speed control knob

    • Simple on / off switch

    • Simple control of speed and temperature

    • Overload protection switch

    • Adjustable wire temperature by knob

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    Últimas tecnologías

    en diseño y fabricación

    Hilo de corte

    El hilo NiChrome (NiCr) es perfecto para cortar espuma y EPS por una gran variedad de razones, pero particularmente porque es resistente a la corrosión y la oxidación a temperaturas muy altas.

    Hilo de aleación de titanio se utiliza para reemplazar el hilo de corte de NiCr estándar. Este material aumenta las posibilidades de corte en las máquinas de espuma CNC y mejora su calidad.

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