Abrasive wire foam cutter A100B
Automatic carrousel block cutting machine
Automatic pallet block cutting machine D130B
Automatic pallet nailer machine D600A
Automatic Wood Pallet Leg Nailing Machine D601A
The Bottom Deckboard Nailer is a machine which is designed to put four way entry pallets together. his nailer has a lead board loader and three or four block loaders, depending on the option you choose. The pieces of cut wood are placed on these loaders to put the bottom deckboard, the lead board and block in line.

The machine takes each piece of wood automatically, and by demand, via a trolley, while the trolley moves towards the nail guns, these join the pieces of wood together using a nail coil. Incorpora sensores en los cargadores para detener la máquina en el caso de quedar sin madera.

It also has a mechanical system that shoots the nails into the block diagonally so that the join is stronger. It is made of structural steel, giving it great sturdiness which assures the machine will last for many years. It also includes an automatic speed controller which provides the trolley with smooth movement. It has the necessary safety measures for the operator to work in a safe way and in accordance with safety rules.

Board Chamfering Machines D100A
CNC 3 axis milling machine B130A
CNC 3 axis milling machine B130D
CNC 3 axis milling machine B130E
CNC 3 axis milling machine B130F
This machine is a three-axis (XYZ) milling machine. It has been specifically designed for working semi-hard materials such as expanded polystyrene.- High production, minimum maintenance.Measures: X5000 Y3000 Z1200Engine: With a hollow axis for suction 4,4KwTable: adhesive bondingNumeric control via PCEngines: Servo in every axisXY Transmission Z gear precision ball screwSpeed 15m/min
CNC 3 axis milling machine B130G
CNC 3 axis milling machine B230A
Fresadora para el mecanizado de piedras; granito, mármol etc.
Diferentes medidas y opciones están disponibles. También en mas de tres ejes.
CNC 4 axis milling machine B140C
CNC 5 axis milling machine B150A
CNC 5 axis milling machine B150B
Compactador poliestireno EPS A310A
Material EPS
Densidad de compacatación: 350 kg/m³
Capacidad por hora: 18 kg
Capacidad diaria: 80 kg
Medidas del bloque de salida 120 x 120 mm
Dimensiones de la bocade entrada: 680 x 320 mm
Peso: 270 kg
Ruido sin protección: 77-100 dB
Ruido con protección: 68-85 dB
Dimensiones: (LxWxH) 2797 x 450 x 1770 mm
Potencia: 1,5 kW
Tensión de alimentación:
1 x 230V, 50Hz, 16A
3 x 400V, 50Hz, 16A
Marcado CE